“I Saw the Sun!”

We always know that the sun will rise. A promise of another day. Something that never fails. It reminds us that everything is brand new and we can start all over again.

I got out from the office earlier exactly five in the morning. A little humid and you can count with your fingers the number of passing cars, cabs and jeepneys. I was waiting for my workmate from the parking lot so i just stood outside of our building where he can easily see me.

Clouds are fine. The sky is clear and the feeling was fresh. Finally, i got inside to his mini van and headed our way home. I was on the front passenger seat with the window half open. I can see some birds and the blue sky. Dim street lights are still on and the road was too wide for no vehicles yet. I stared at the sky. The feeling was different. It was so refreshing and it seems like it gave me a little bite of happiness. A cute smile. During the trip, i can see the sky turning to very light yellow colored that suddenly changes to light orange colored one which meant sunrise was coming.

If we come to think of it, there are really things that the sunrise tells us. It shows that before it can totally show its brightness, there are stages that need to happen. It’s not something automatic. It goes under a process everyday to make sure it can shine the way it should be. It whispers a fresh start. Whatever happened, we can always remember that along with the sunrise, we have the opportunity to begin again.

We can’t erase what has been done, we can’t undo what happened, we can no longer have the missed opportunities and simply we can never go back however the sunrise makes us realize that though we can’t see it all the time or everyday, it can let us feel and never fail us to remind that it’s another day to be the best that you can be despite the rains that hinder you from shining.


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